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    AB: Ladies and gentleman we’d like to apologize for the lack of wrestling so far as most of you know our next wrestling show will be WWG decimation coming live in a few weeks

    TN: And what a show it will be we’ve got great title matches all around for many titles………..

    Lights start flashing randomly between Red yellow and orange

    ((crack Addict)) After first explosion Pyro walks through the curtain and to the ring dressed in street clothes with mic in hand

    Pyro: hey ted as long as were talking title matches why don’t we talk about the TV title match between me Blayne and that undying piece of graveyard trash Ransting. See both those guys are suffering from delusions of granger. Blayne actually thinks he can retain my TV title against me ……. Actually come to think of it he might just have a chance if his sister gets on her knees and begs the ref as only she can. Although to be honest with ya I’d have no problem letting blayne keep the title and lying down for him…… Assuming his sister lies down for me first the night before.

    TN: Listen to all these unprovoked attacks on that beautiful angle Stephanie.
    AB: Unprovoked maybe but still have to give Pyro some credit for intelligence.
    TN: How you figure that
    AB: simple he knows blayne will come out here to defend his sisters honor

    Pyro: and that brings us to delusional jackass #2, my good buddy Ransting. By the time I’m done with you not only will you be re-dead but there wont be enough of you left to re-bury. Although that’s nothing compared to what I got in store for you to night, cause see your todays lucky 100th jackass so get your ass down here and claim your prize. camera switches from ring to Ranstings locker room

    Ransting who does he think he is calling me out?

    Ransting walks to the locker room door and opens it and gets met with brass knux to the face and knocked back into the room 2 big men dressed all in black and wearing brass knux on their right hands.

    AB: we aint gotta be geniuses to figure out who they are

    The 2 men get on either side of ransting and every time he tries to get up they either hit him in the chest or back of the head untill after about 6 or 7 shots and ransting stops moving

    camera switches back to the ring

    Pyro: you can thank Blayne for that, that was originally ment for him but he went shopping with the billionth of a dollar slut at the mall, not that it matters he’s getting his next


    AB: Welcome back folks during the break Pyro and gang headed over to the local mall where steph and blayne are supposed to be shopping but lucky our camera crew got there first.

    titontron shows the mall and stephaine and blayne walking out of an FYE when suddenly the Alarm is triggered after Stephanie walks through .

    BM: what in tarnation?

    SM: Blayne I didn’t do it, really I don’t know why it went off

    BM: ok then lets just keep walking…………
    Blayne and Stephanie start to walk away when 2 security guards round the corner and the store employees point them after Stephanie and they run up behind her.

    Guard 1: excuse me ma’am but the FYE guy says you stole something

    SM: But I didn’t

    Guard 2: we have to verify that

    SM: then look in my bags

    Guard 1: I’m sorry ma’am but according to store policy we got to do more then that…

    SM: Like what?

    the first guard whispers something to Stephanie

    SM: WHAT?

    Guard 1: sorry ma’am it’s the rule

    SM: rules be damned there’s no way im gonna subject myself to a full body strip search, I refused to get naked for just anyone

    Guard 2 (under breath): That’s not what I’ve heard

    BM: what did you say?

    Guard 2: nothing

    BM: you sure?

    Guard 1; Look ma’am it’s not like we’re gonna do it anywhere we got fully enclosed windowless rooms for that.

    SM: but I didn’t do anything why should I take my clothes off

    Guard 1: cause it’s the only way we can be sure you didn’t do anything

    Guard 2: look ma’am its either here by a trained professional who’s just doing his job or you can go to jail for the time it takes the store to do inventory and get forcefully stripped searched by your new friends Bubba and Big Jimmy, Understand?

    SM: fine where’s this room?

    Guard 1: right this way ma’am just follow me

    Stephanie reluctantly gives up and walks off after one of the guards

    BM: you better not do anything inappropriate to her

    Guard 2: don’t worry he wont

    BM: if he does I will sue ever single one of you……….. wait a sec don’t I know you?

    Guard 2: maybe but I don’t think so
    BM: yea I do know you, whats your name?

    Guard 2: Bryan sir

    BM: Bryan Bryan Bryan where do I know that from?……………………… O shit STEPH………

    Bryan: Your too late

    BM: want to bet your not stopping me

    Bryan: no but he is [i] points behind blayne [/I}
    BM: come on do I look stupid enough to fall for that?

    Voice from behind blayne: Yep

    Shocked Blayne turns around only to be met with a right hand to the face he gets knocked back and Bryan tries to restrain Blayne but Blayne flips up and kicks him in the head before rolling back to his feet faces Pyro and tells him to come on. Pyro charges blayne and rears back for a Lights out but stops just short of blayne, who ducked to avoid the blow he thought was coming, Pyro kicks him in the head and lifts him for a power bomb to the floor but blayne counters with a right hand to the temple and starts to run after steph but Bryan trips him and holds him down till pyro gets back up. Pyro grabs blayne and chokeslams him to hell on the floor.

    Pyro: now for part 2


    cameras open up showing Bryan and Pyro sitting outside a door Pyro has sunglasses and a hood to disguise himself after about 30 seconds the door opens and the other guard (benson) and Stephanie walk out

    SM: humph are you happy now I told you I didn’t steal and you also got the pleasure that few men get of seeing me naked

    Pyro (still in disguise): I find that hard to believe

    SM: what

    Pyro: that few men have seen you naked, the way I heard it very few men in America haven’t seen you naked and I cant really blame them I mean I’d love to see that nice ass of yours naked. with this pyro reaches out and caresses Stephanie’s ass before his hand gets pulled away by one of the guards


    Bryan (as guard): don’t worry ma’am we’ll straighten him out for that in addition to other stuff, apparently he’s the thief I found a anti theft store device in his hand.

    SM: Meaning I didn’t have to be stripped searched cause like I said I didn’t do it

    Benson (as guard): no you did cause we didn’t know better at the time but I swear it was just me doing a job I got no sexual pleasure out of it

    Pyro (in disguise): whoa that’s a first a man sees Stephanie McMahon naked and doesn’t get pleasure from her.
    SM: ok I had just about enough of your rude ungentlemanly comments

    Pyro (in disguise): and I’ve had enough of you not freeing your voluptuous $20,000 tits from that shirt

    Steph looks shocked and slaps Pyro knocking the disguise straight off his face then recoils in shock as she realizes who it is.

    Pyro: don’t look so shocked you had to know there was a reason your brother didn’t show up

    SM: guards take this man

    Bryan and Benson (as guards): Why were on his side, we’re the PAK body guards

    SM tries to run away but Bryan and Benson grab her arms and push her to her knees

    Pyro: and now Steph I reveal the truth behind my words cause you see if you or your brother try to cheat at decimation every man in America will be seeing you naked cause to put it lightly when you stripped “you were on candid camera”

    Pyro walks into the room and grabs a hidden videocamera from inside and walks back out

    Pyro: but if you play by the rules this gets burned understand? Good

    Benson and Bryan let go of SM let go of steph and all 3 men head out to their car only to find it trashed when they get there

    Pyro: what the hell?

    A yell is heard and pyro spins just in time to dodge a sledgehammer by the badly beaten Ransting. Pyro and the Twins take off running in to the mall with Ransting in pursuit but the PAK is faster and emerges from the other side of the mall first. Where a bus is loading the PAK jump on the bus and get the bus driver to drive away just before Ransting gets there.


    fade to commercials
    end rp

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    Nice feud rp Pyro. Keep up the good work it was a interesting read.

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    funny stuff there pyro!

    get that strap back... 10/10

    funny and new...
    MR. 187!

    Awesome Credit goes to Kayta "The Micro Legend!"


    4 TIME TAG TEAM CHAMP! (With Pyro)

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    a nice idea, length was good and you generally carried it off well

    good work, keep it up

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