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    My WWE 13 Suggestions

    All of the Wrestlers/Divas should have a Suit outfit and Referee outfit.
    The quote is Credit to

    Tag Team Stats
    Tag Team Power - Determines how much damage can be done with tag team moves. The higher the rating, the more damage can be achieved.

    Tag Team Chemistry - Determines how well tag team partners work together while in a match. The higher the rating, the more effective the team will be (If a team has a low rating, they will not co-operate which will lead to uncalled for blind tags, refusal to help in pinfall/submission situations, not wanting to tag, leaving the ringside area, or not performing double team moves.)

    New Abilities

    Singles Abilties

    Submission Master - Allows a superstar to use a normal Breaking Point Submission to make an opponent tap out. (A superstar without this can still use normal Breaking Point submissions but won't make a person tapout from it.)

    Rampage - Usable once per match, it allows a superstar / diva to become invincible for 30 seconds. Only usable for Super Heavyweights and cannot be used with Comeback or when a finisher or signature is available

    Sneaky Trick - Usable once per match, it allows a superstar / diva to gain an advantage over a superstar with an eye-poke, eye rake, low blow, or hidden foreign object (Brass knux, blackjack, chain, fork, pepper spray, poison mist, powder to the face). Only usable for heel superstars, cannot be used with Comeback, and can't be used if a signature or finisher is available.

    Lie, Cheat, Steal - Usable once per match, it allows a superstar / diva to gain an advantage over an opponent. Cannot be used with comeback, usable for face superstars, and can't be used if a signature or finisher are available. (When activated, a cutscene plays out with the ref getting knocked out then you grab a chair. Press the buttons at the right prompts and you will hit the chair on the ground, throw it to the opponent, and lay down for the ref to get up and see you down and a chair in the opponent's hand...If you fail at the button sequence, the opponent will toss the chair quickly before the ref sees anything.)

    Leverage Submission - Allows you to reverse a groggy grapple or running attack attempt into a special breaking point move.

    Tag Abilities

    Hot Tag - Usable once per match. When a legal man is down in the ring, he can activate the hot tag which will allow a partner to come into the ring from a tag and clean house. Each weight class has this own specific Hot Tag Animations.

    Sneaky Switch - Draw the illegal partner of the opposing team into the ring to get stopped by the ref and allows you and your partner to switch places with an overhead hand clap to sound like a tag. Team must be heel, this can only be used three times in a match, and can only be used in standard tag team matches.

    Twin Magic - Partners switch places in order to gain a quick roll-up pin. Can only be used once per match and tag team must be identical or close enough to it. (In other words, Big Show/Mysterio can't fool anyone switching places but Sin Cara and Mysterio could.)

    Team Leverage - When near the ropes with a submission hold or pin, the partner can assist in more leverage towards the hold such as grabbing a partner's arm in the middle of an abdominal stretch or holding down an opponent's foot during a pin.

    1. Grubb-Star
    2. Grubber
    3. Grubby
    4. Grubbworm
    5. Grubbster
    6. Dashing
    7. Dangerous
    8. Dancing
    9. Tribulation
    10. Revelation
    11. Adam
    12. Rose
    13. Blake
    14. Zack
    15. Glen
    16. Chole
    17. Devin
    18. Wyatt
    19. O'Neil
    20. Grubb
    21. Garrison
    22. Carissa
    23. Couch
    24. Eads
    25. Rebekah
    26. Butz
    27. Kris
    28. Musician
    29. Insane
    30. Howe
    31. Lee
    32. Wray
    33. Bethany
    34. Weaver
    35. Favors
    36. Welch
    37. Robin
    38. Wolf
    39. Tigion
    40. Wox
    41. Folf
    42. Dox
    43. Jackal
    44. Dingo
    45. Coyote
    46. Coyote
    47. Dhole
    48. Ralph
    Create An Entrances:
    Moonwalk & Anti-gravity
    Elvis's hip and left leg twitch
    Any Dancing Entrances that includes Tag Teams and Mixed Tag Teams.
    100 CAW SLOTS
    100 CAA SLOTS
    Superstar or Diva could be in more Stables than just one.

    The footwear should be like the Arms and hands.
    (We could have one elf shoe on the right foot. Leather shoe on the left foot "This including shocks.")

    Gambit's head gear as well.
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