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    TNA Requests WWE Superstar To Appear On DVD

    Source: F4WOnline

    - As noted before, TNA wanted WWE to mention them on the Hall of Fame ceremony in return for allowing Ric Flair to appear. WWE turned down that request but reportedly agreed to another one - a WWE talent appearing on a TNA DVD.

    Details are sketchy right now but TNA wanted a WWE wrestler to come into their studio as a "talking head" and speak on one of their DVD releases. TNA asked for this in exchange for allowing Flair to appear on the WrestleMania 28 DVD.
    hmmm i wonder what the dvd will be about and who it will be
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    Re: TNA Requests WWE Superstar To Appear On DVD

    The Dvd will be called "The Death Of TNA" and the person talking about it is Vince McMahon.

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    Re: TNA Requests WWE Superstar To Appear On DVD

    Obviously it'll be either Ron Killings or Christian Cage. WWE won't give away anyone else who's been in TNA like Punk, Nash or Booker.

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    Re: TNA Requests WWE Superstar To Appear On DVD

    Killings would've definitely have been my first guess. Completely forgot about Christian, and I don't see why it couldn't be Book, Nash, B.G. James. All of those guys were key players in TNA's history, Book and Nash probably having left the biggest stamp of the five mentioned. We all know Flair is wrestling royalty. I'm sure TNA would want nothing more than to get as close to that as they can to make this "agreement" worthwhile.

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    Re: TNA Requests WWE Superstar To Appear On DVD

    It was The Rock and it is for the how "Vince Russo" created the Attitude Era
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