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    WWE Looking To Announce WM 29 Main Event Soon

    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    WWE officials are looking to announce the main event for WrestleMania 29 this year - possibly on the RAW Supershow the night after WrestleMania 28. The belief is that the RAW after WrestleMania 28 will be the highest-rated of the year.

    Right now officials are looking at John Cena, The Rock, Steve Austin and The Undertaker as the top guys to build next year around. Regarding Austin, he has not committed to wrestling another match yet.
    If and that is if they were to go the same route as last year I can only imagine a few matches they would announce a year in advance and that is: Taker/Cena, Punk/Austin, Cena/Austin.

    If they announce Cena/Rock II I will puke in my mouth a little.

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    Re: WWE Looking To Announce WM 29 Main Event Soon

    Punk/Austin and Cena/Taker are inevitable. Maybe Lesnar will show up for The Rock, since Rock has been confirmed and Lesnar is at home enjoying his money.

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    Re: WWE Looking To Announce WM 29 Main Event Soon

    I think they will announce punk vs austin if this is indeed true

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    Re: WWE Looking To Announce WM 29 Main Event Soon

    Cena and Austin vs. Punk and Rock???? the headline for WM 29 can be "The biggest tag match EVER in the WWE!!!!"
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    Re: WWE Looking To Announce WM 29 Main Event Soon

    The only way to go would be Austin vs Punk

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