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    Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    WWE has hinted over the past few days that the nWo will indeed be making a return to the company soon with new members from the current roster. who on the roster would you want apart of the group?

    Kevin Nash
    Mason Ryan
    Big Show
    Booker T
    Seth Rollins
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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    What are you doing here?

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    couple points I need to make:

    1. nWo music cause his Nash music is closely associated with the Diesel character
    2. it remains to be seen if there will be a nWo reiteration

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    kevin nash
    mason ryan
    husky harris
    david otunga
    Woo Woo Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    This the same nWo that you said will never happen?

    In any case, I can't really picture a current-day nWo. The roster isn't that ballsy anymore.

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    No one.

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    If such a stable went through I could see Punk/Nash aligning in it despite current events. Punk is against WWE and Nash is also. They have already made Nash an "Outsider" again.

    The more I think about this I can see Nash/Laurinaitis helping Punk get the win over Triple H and declaring a new regime.
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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    oh boy! thank you Depact........ My voice shall be heard! Yeah(....looks for high fives)

    Obviously theres a new NWO forming, its so obvious right........ Heres who I believe will be in

    first of all I think Ring of Honor will join forces with the new NWO

    Kevin Nash
    Mason Ryan
    Jackson Andrews
    Hugh Jackman(he is an upcoming host)
    Colt Cabana
    Brock Lesnar
    Paul Heyman
    Marcus Cor Von
    and Matt Hardy

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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    If they actually do this, my guess would be that unused talent would align themselves with Nash in an "If we don't get an opportunity, we'll take it!" type of deal. Hell, could actually lead to something and not just be random backstage banter leading to ADR's promo.
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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    I think there is a pretty good chance that this new NWO will rear its head at NGHT OF CHAMPIONS. I could see Nash and Laurinitis coming out in the no DQ match and attacking Triple H, forcing him to give up his COO position and returning to in ring action--which makes a lot of sense. I also see Laurinitis taking over the role of COO (which has probably been in the works for a while, and I get a feeling he was the annonymus RAW GM)

    Not sure who the members would be, but Wade Barrett seems a good choice. He has probems with Punk for a while anyway (since Punk took over Nexus) so he could be a player in it.
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    Re: Who could be apart of the "new nWo"

    I actually see Nash, Laurinitis, and CM Punk in cahoots.

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