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October 6, 2003, 05:19 PM
After yesterdays game I think it's safe to say that Emmitt is done. Every game his production is going down, and I wish he would know when to call it quits, because its really hard to watch him play like that after all the years of watching him. I'm glad that the Dallas D shut him down, and all but he gets shut down in every game.

If he wasn't ready to retire he should've went to Tampa who was interested in him, and he could've won a championship. But instead he goes to Arizona just so he can be the feature back and try to get the one rushing record he doesn't have, and that's the most 100 yard games which I think is 78 by Payton. He's not playing for the money because he has tons of that, and there's no way he's trying to win another championship or else he would've went to Tampa.

He should've just retired after last year as a Cowboys, and he could've left with some dignity, but I guess he has too much pride err.gif

Oh well at least Dallas is playing good this year, and QC's proving a lot of people wrong :D

BTW Roy Williams lived up to his word on BDSSP when he said that if Emmitt wants to talk then he's gonna get hit(when he was talking about the whole trash statement)

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October 6, 2003, 06:13 PM
ya i think emmit should have retired last year...well actually i think he should have retired the year before that, but whatever...another person i think is getting to the end of his career is Curtis Martin, if he doesn't pick it up he definitly needs to retire cause i can't see him making a maraculous comeback to his old form anytime soon

and your right about QC he's getting me a lot of points in my fantasy football league...i'm glad i noticed he actually is a good quarterback...apparently some people just can't see that

October 6, 2003, 08:11 PM
Yeah, but you really can't compare Curtis Martin with Emmit IMO. Yes Martin is old, but with a good offensive line(which the Jets DONT have), he can still be a good, productive HB. Just look at what he did at the end of last year.

As far as Emmit goes. I don't think retirement had even crossed his mind this off-season. And its not just for more records or money, its becuase he still loves the game. Now did he make the wrong choice as far as team selection? Of course he did. VPR had some good points, Emmitt had offers from teams like Tampa Bay, Carolina and even Kansas City (who would have not drafted Larry Johnson had they signed Smith). And he decided to go to the team offering the most money and the guranteed starting spot. A decision I think he now is regretting.

October 6, 2003, 09:18 PM
i agree with everything you said...but Curtis Martin wouldn't be that much better with a better O-line...of course he'd get more yards, but i still think he's on his way out

October 10, 2003, 02:08 AM
Yea, iwas sad to see him that way in dallas. I want Emmitt to Retire in a Dallas uniform, and i am still hoping he plans to do that, never know, bridges that are burned can be rebuilt with steel you kno? I dont think this Will be the last time you see Emmitt in Dallas, maybe eventually he will have the ld silver and blue on again.

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