WWE Allstars – Path of Champions

What path will you choose in WWE Allstars?

Today WWE Games via THQ unveiled one of the biggest features of WWE Allstars, called Path of Champions. In PoC you will choose a path to go in that features vignettes, promos and voice overed segments that tell a story on your Path to the Championship. Seen in the video is Paul Bearer with The Undertaker, Randy Orton seen with the WWE Championship and DX. So I would presume Orton will be focused on the WWE Championship, Undertaker World Heavyweight Championship and DX with the Unified Tag Team Championships.

It is presumed the PoC will be much like TNA Impact! story mode where you will go through a set amount of matches most likely 10, and in the end you will become the champion. While this does not sound as exciting as a path branching story mode like in WWF No Mercy, there is a mode in the game as well called WWE Fantasy Warfare, so there is a ton of game to be seen in WWE Allstars.

WWE All Stars
Path of Champions

Can you climb the Path of Champions? Compete in a 10-match gauntlet against the WWE’s greatest WWE Legends, WWE Superstars and Tag Teams. Along the way, the story progresses with cutscenes from Undertaker, Randy Orton and D-Generation X. Path of Champions presents three unique storylines in this ladder-style tournament. We break them down for you here:

Path of Champions, WWE Legends – Undertaker
The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line at SummerSlam. Can you defeat 10 of WWE’s battle-hardened WWE Legends and defeat Undertaker? Paul Bearer welcomes you to his funeral parlor, as Undertaker emerges from a standing casket. He has a message for the player – “Rest in Peace!” There are plenty of surprises and more cutscenes along the way as you move your way up to face “The Phenom!”

Path of Champions, WWE Superstars – Randy Orton
“The Apex Predator,” Randy Orton, has pitted the WWE Superstars against you. Can you defeat them all in various grueling matches to face him at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship? In the opening cutscene, Randy Orton holds up the WWE Championship and tells you to “get a look at greatness!” “The Viper” vows that should you face him at WrestleMania, he will end your career!

Path of Champions Tag Team – D-Generation X
It’s time to determine the greatest Tag Team in WWE history. Can you survive the WWE’s greatest WWE Legends and WWE Superstars and defeat D-Generation X at WrestleMania? Triple H and Shawn Michaels are the self-proclaimed greatest Tag Team in WWE history, and they announce they are here to stake their claim to the WWE Tag Team Championship. And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for you …

Credit to Gamespot.Com for the Video




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