PSP 2 Live Blog – Starts at 1 AM ET / 10 PM PT

Sony will unveil the long awaited PSP2 in Japan and we will have all the details, also chat live with the editors.

Tonight at 1 AM ET and 10 PM PT we will finally see some details on the PSP2. The GamingRing editors will be on hand to talk all night about the eventĀ  .

Keep it Locked to GamingRing.Com for complete deats.

Thats all folks.

A list of devs is shown, including Grassopper, IREM, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, 2k Games, Rockstar

12: 15 – That demo was completed in only 2 weeks, so that’s definitely encouraging.

12:12 – LOST PLANET 2 rendered in real time on NGP

12:04 AM – NGP is a code name.

NGP User Interface


There’s even builty-in message boards thaty you can access.

The Near app records the footprints of your travel, and tracks it.

GPOS a huge deal

Tapping on the avatar shows the games that user was playing recently. This is like a Google Map for gamers, showing when, where, and what people are playing. So much information!

You can drill down even deeper to see how many people are playing SHot Shots in your area, for example. If you see someone playing a game, you can touch it and buy it instantly on the PS Store to start playing for yourself.

11:55 PM – Live Area is like the hub page for a game, where users can get information on different games, and jump right into the PlayStation Store, and other parts of the PS space.

11:48 – Trace, Grab, Trace, Push, Pull. These are all actions availble through the touch pad.

11:43 – “Highest level of operability for any portable device ever made.”

11:42 – Folks, when Drake is running around, the game just looks really amazing. Drake runs through the jungle and the environment is detailed and lush. Thank goodness for Naughty Dog.

Can actually use the touch screen to control Drake,

And can also use Six Axis feature to control Drake’s swing on a vine.

Now he’s using the rear touch pad to control Drake, alternativing the left and right finger to command Drake’s movements. Looks fluid.

Now he’s touching the various parts of a cliff to tell Drake to move along the rockwall.

Now Drake sneaks up behind an enemy and touches the enemy to push him off the cliff.

Looks like all the various control schemes are implemented at the same time. He’s using the gyrosensor to aim.

11:41 – Sony has developed a “micro-analog stick” which was developed for this platform

11:39 PM – Little Big Planet 2. Resistance . Uncharted. Wipeout.

11:28 PM – Revolutionary user interface. Social connectivity.

A device on the screen. 5 inch OLED

3G plus WiFI. GPOS.

Fron and rear touch pads.

Six axis motion sensing abilities.

Front and rear camera, with a microphone

4x resolution of PSP

Officially CalledĀ  the NGP



Graphical features are said to rival that of the PS3.

11:23 PM – That PlayStation Suite. This extends the PS experience beyond PS devices. Its a cross platform inititive.

It will make PS content available on Android devices and tablets.

PlayStation Certified, a new licesnse program.

This will allow different, cross-platform devices to be certified by Sony’s PlayStation family.

Showing a screenshot of a touchscreen with PlayStation controls superimposed over the screen. Not sure what this screen is taking

PS Store for Android-based devices confirmed.

11:21 PM – They’ve just announced the PlayStation Suite

11:18 PM – He says more than 80% of PS3 consoles are connected to the internet

11:15 PM – There are 69 million registered PlayStation Network accounts.

Kaz Lookin Pimp!

11:08 PM – Show about to start

A mockup of the second generation PSP.

it better not be THIS


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