More information comes to light on Microsoft motion sensing technology

Here is some interesting information that has come to light just a few weeks before E3.

While setting up meetings for the upcoming E3 2009, I came across these 2 interesting items regarding motion sensing technology on the Xbox 360.

First this bit from PDP.


This is what was said about this very familiarly shaped controller.

Motion control gaming goes to a new level with the Gametrak Freedom™, a proprietary and patent-pending ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology that delivers performance and increases control and flexibility. Unlike other motion control gaming systems, Gametrak Freedom™ accurately tracks the true 3D position and precise movements of up to four players anywhere within a given environment providing unrivaled game play opportunities. PDP will launch the Gametrak Freedom™ exclusively for Xbox 360 in fall 2009.

And they released information on a game that will utilize the controller called Squeezeballs. “Squeeballs™” is a collection of more than 150 unique challenges that showcases the capabilities of the Gametrak Freedom™ controller. In the game, Squeeballs are toys that are manufactured on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific and they must be fully tested by the players of the game before they can be sold to children across the world. By using the motion controller, players can blow up, cook, slice, bat, bowl, shoot and bounce the Squeeballs with greater accuracy than is capable with any other controller. “Squeeballs” is PDP’s first Microsoft-licensed title.

The next bit comes from Griffin International on 2 upcoming games called The Strike and the Hunt.
THE HUNT – Locked and loaded, Griffin’s The Hunt features a unique motion-sensing, rifle controller to give players a sense of realism as they navigate the wilderness of North America’s most famous hunting locations.  Players will be able to stalk and hunt their prey using a variety of different firearms, including a shotgun, knife and bow. The Hunt features several game modes and mini-games, such as Coyote Cruise, Blind Fire and others to be revealed at the show.

THE STRIKE – With the first-ever Xbox 360 approved motion-sensing peripheral, The Strike literally puts a fishing rod in players’ hands as they head out to their favorite hot spots, including several popular lakes in North America. The Strike features several game modes and mini-games, such as Bass Pro Shops Tournament style competition, pick up and play arcade mode as well as mini games like Boat racing, and casting challenges.

Both games will be available on the Xbox 360, PC and Wii in September 2009.

So as you can see, it is apparent that Microsoft does have something planned in the works regarding motion sensing games in the near future. will be there live at E3 starting June 1st to June 4th. Expect videos, screens, interviews directly from the Los Angeles Convention Center at E3 2009.


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