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With the UFC holding an event this weekend that some have hyped as the biggest fight this year, there’s no doubt the sport of MMA is growing rapidly in North America. With four events scheduled between now and March 7th, (one of which is FREE on Spike TV) there’s a lot of combat to be witnessed for UFC fans in the coming weeks.

However, the one thing on most fans’ minds is the UFC’s first venture into the “next gen” of gaming.  In the year 2000, Dreamcast fans were actually the first that were treated to a UFC based MMA game. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was then released onto the Playstation. In 2002, the Playstation 2 greeted the next installment named, “UFC: Throwdown”. A few months later, the Microsoft fan club got their paws on UFC: Tapout for the original Xbox. And finally, 2004 was another year for UFC gaming as “Sudden Impact” hit the Playstation 2.

With the past well behind us, a sigh of relief came from all UFC fans whenit was announced that the world’s biggest MMA organization would be teaming up with THQ. The relationship was a match made in heaven. Known for their WWE Wrestling games, it seemded like a natural fit to bring the UFC into the mix. Before MMA fans berade me with hate mail, the reason I say it’s a natural fit is simply because of this: Yukes took the WWE style of ‘pro-wrestling’ combat shown on TV, and made it an actual competetive sport in a video game. Taking a sport , such as MMA, and converting it into a video game is something it seems as though THQ/Yukes was made to do. And believe me, they’ve done a heck of a job.

John Edwards, Senior Creative Manager at THQ, was kind enough to sit down with and answer a few questions regarding the game.


Click here for the Consolefighter: UFC 2009 Interview


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